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Texas, like most states, has a State flower, State Bird, and many other Official "State" items.


Did you know Texas also has a State Stone?
That's right, the Blue Topaz. Topaz has even been mined in Mason County Texas.Blue topaz was adopted as the state gemstone as the result of legislation approved March 26, 1969.

Topaz adopted as the Official State Gem of Texas- House Concurrent Resolution No. 12, 61st Legislature, Regular Session (1969)
Lone Star Cut adopted as the Official State Cut of the Texas Gem - House Concurrent Resolution No. 97, 65th Legislature, Regular Session (1977) (Read the Resolution)

What would you think of taking the State Stone of Texas, Topaz and having it faceted by artisans in the Hill Country with the Lone Star visible in the stone?
We think it is awesome!


That is why we offer Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz Earrings, Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz Rings, Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz Pendants, Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz Loose Stones and just about anything you can imagine with a Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz!

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From an article printed in the Fort Worth Star Telegram in 1998;

"MASON -- There is a shortage in this scenic Hill Country town. People talk in hushed tones about it; visitors probe the town square, their noses pressed against merchants' windows.

They want topaz, the official gemstone of Texas, and it's found only here among the granite hills and sandy creek beds. But it isn't unearthed easily. The locals who have it won't let it go. They keep it secreted away in shoe boxes. Those who search for it used to find it quickly, but they don't anymore.

Topaz was first recognized in Mason County in 1904. Old-timers remember stumbling onto the quartzlike gemstone while searching the creek beds for arrowheads. Sometimes the stones were so big, they could be used as doorstops.

But it was the arrowhead that had value in those days. The topaz was just another pretty rock.

Mason County boasts the largest gem-quality topaz crystal ever found in North America. It is a 1,296-gram pale blue crystal that now resides in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Most pieces are considerably smaller, generally less than a couple of inches long with a diameter of less than an inch.

Texas topaz is usually colorless to white, though some of the most beautiful and startling gemstones are in the light-blue to sky-blue range. In color, size and clarity, Texas topaz is considered among the best in the United States."

Besides our collection of Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz jewelry we offer many items that suit the Texas Lifestyle. Take a look around our site, let us know what you would like to see and we will do our best to find it for you.

Lone Star Cut adopted as the Official State Cut of the Texas Gem
House Concurrent Resolution No. 97, 65th Legislature, Regular Session (1977) H. C. R. No. 97


WHEREAS, The flag of Texas, the public symbol for all to see, has a lone star as its prominent feature; and

WHEREAS, This is reflected in the State slogan "Texas - The Lone Star State" ; and

WHEREAS, A special gemstone cut known as the Lone Star Cut has been designed by two native Texans; and

WHEREAS, Any gems one may be cut in this manner, including the State Gem, the Blue Topaz; and

WHEREAS, The special characteristic of the Lone Star Cut is the appearance to the viewer when looking directly into the stone, in that it reflects the five-pointed star; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Texas, the Senate concurring. That the Lone Star Cut be and is hereby designated as the official State Gemstone Cut of Texas; and, now, be it further

RESOLVED, That the specifications for faceting the Lone Star Cut are for an 80 index gear and shall be as follows:

Cut 10 facets at 45°. Index 4-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76.
Cut 5 facets at 54°, until the star is a measured 65 percent of the diameter of the stone. Index 80-16-32-48-64.
Cut 10 facets at 60.7°. Index 2-14-18-30-34-46-50-62-66-78. These are to meet the points of the star exactly.
Cut 5 facets at 65°. Index 8-24-40-56-72. These should also meet the points of the star exactly.
Prepolish in the same order, then polish from the culet to the girdle.
Cut 10 facets at 41.5°. Index 2-14-18-30-34-46-50-62-66-78. These should be cut until the girdle is of the proper thickness.
Cut 5 facets at 52.1°. Index 8-24-40-56-72. Cut these until they match the corresponding facets of the pavilion in width at the girdle. This will insure the proper size for the table.
Cut 5 facets at 30°. Index 80-16-32-48-64.
Cut the table at 0° until the 30° facets meet at a point.
Prepolish in the same order, then polish in reverse order. If desired, the table may be cut and polished last; it depends on your machine. The girdle may be polished or not, as you wish.


I certify that H.C.R. No. 97 was adopted by the House on May 13, 1977. by a non-record vote.



I certify that H.C.R. No. 97 was adopted by the Senate on May 20, 1977.

APPROVED : 25 May 77



MAY 25, 1977

Texas Trivia

DAIRY INDUSTRY. Throughout the nineteenth century Texas milk production was for the most part a haphazard, subsistence-type enterprise. Town dwellers as well as farm families kept milk cows, drank fresh milk, and made butter and cheese. Cheese manufacturing was the first dairying enterprise to become specialized and removed from the farm. After the Civil War , cheese makers of the old dairy belt stretching from New York to Wisconsin produced most of the cheese consumed in Texas. Even as late as the 1930s cheese manufacturing in Texas was small-scale. Gail Borden established a condensed-milk plant at Bordenville in 1872, but most of the canned milk sold in Texas during the nineteenth century was produced and processed in the northern states.

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