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Your Ranch Brand as Jewelry

Custom Brand Jewelry at Puretexan.com
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- We can create your Ranch or Cattle Brand into a cherished jewelry item! Rings, Cufflinks, Pendants and Earrings, anything you would like.

Texas Triva

North America's first frontier was a Spanish one. A generation ago Father Bannon best expressed it: "The Anglo-Americans who came into Texas with Stephen F. Austin were not in the true sense pioneers; they found not a wilderness, but a society already in existence, and a foreign power in possession. Neither were traders who came across the Great Plains to traffic at Santa Fe and southward into Chihuahua. Folk of European origin were already well established and had a society ready to do business. The forefathers of not a few had been established there some years before there was a Jamestown, quite a few more than that 1620 date which saw the Pilgrims arrive,and so, too, of other proud Anglo-American centers. The few hardy souls, trappers generally, who slipped beyond the Divide and wandered southward, to Arizona, also found European men before them—not many, perhaps, save those around Tucson and Tubac...Nowhere in the Borderlands was the Anglo-American a pioneer. His frontier in these parts ran head-on into another and older one...That is part of the post-Spanish Borderlands story

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